“Using skills I learned from college I was able to start freelancing for clients.”: Meet Student and Youtuber Oren Stott

by india

Student Oren was able to develop his Youtube channel success and start to freelance for his clients using the skills he has developed whilst studying Creative Media here at Trafford College. We caught up with Oren to find out more…

What course do you study and why did you choose this course?

Creative Media Practice Level 3 Foundation Diploma & Extended Diploma (Digital Content Creation). The course covered a range of different multi-media sectors of the industry; post-production for film & TV, animation (2D/3D), 3D modeling, game design and much more. Therefore, I was able to develop a better understanding of each sector and form a concrete career path for myself.

Why did you choose to study at Trafford College?

 I chose to study here because the college offered a much more suitable course for me, that being a full-time student in the ‘Digital Content Creation’ Level 3. The college also offered great industry-standard software and flexible facilities to use.

What was your favourite part about the course?

The second year of the course was the most productive and entertaining year because of our B2 Creative Module we were assigned, this assignment allowed me to fully dictate the module by creating my own project without any limitations. I was able to create an entire 2D animated short-documentary on ‘The 6 Hour War’ during WWII, which you can watch over on my Youtube channel here.

How were the facilities at college? Have you been able to get involved in any placement or career-building opportunities?

The course for me was very enjoyable, the facilities, software, and hardware were flexible and powerful to work with. Furthermore, throughout the course, I began utilizing the skills I had learned from college and at home in a lot of my spare time and started freelancing for clients. Not to mention, I had also incorporated a lot of the skills I had independently acquired into my YouTube channel success, OzzersOz.

What were the time commitments on your course like?

Travel was very flexible for me to reach college 3 days a week, I took a 40 minute bus journey each day to the college with no inconveniences.

Has there been any hurdles throughout your journey that college helped you with?

From personal experience, I found my course to be extremely generous during my final major project for the B2 module, as my tutors allowed me to work from home for 2 months to complete my project and achieve my highest potential. This helped ease the overwhelming stress I was feeling at the time. Without a second thought, I am firm that this solution was the reason I was able to be so successful with the course.

Did you get the chance to get involved in any extra-curricular activities?

My time outside of college was spent very productively, I was constantly still learning new software and skills at home each day, then incorporating those skills into my YouTube channel content. Moreover, I freelanced for other creators, one of them being, Jesse Gillett on YouTube. I always remained as productive outside of college as I was when I was in, and continue to do so.

What do you plan to do next?

My path leads forward to Futureworks, Salford where I intend to study Post-Production for Film & TV. I have already been accepted under an unconditional offer from the university, which I am extremely pleased with. Initially, I planned to study at Manchester Metropolitan University, but I was not 100% satisfied with the course I had chosen. However, my tutor, Mike McGinley was an excellent help in providing me with the idea of Futureworks. Thank you to him, I was able to make the right choice for myself.

Oren Stott with tutor Mike McGinley

Would you recommend Trafford College to family and friends?

Most definitely, I would encourage people to apply for a course at this college because I believe it’s much more welcoming due to the variety of courses she could enrol for. Furthermore, this college is very supportive of social skills and helps students to find a concrete career pathway.