Student Engagement

Trafford College 10 Point Plan for Higher Education Student Engagement

You will notice that the 10-point plan for student engagement is aimed at students, tutors and college managers. It is important for us all to see active student engagement as a PARTNERSHIP and to get it right we have to work together.

> Over 1,000 students

> Strong student satisfaction rate

> 93% student pass rates

> Over 95% of students progress to further study or job – vocational offer for employment

The whole plan is predicated on the belief that;

1. Teaching and teachers are central to student engagement

The aspiration of the plan is to;

2. Enhance your self-belief and encourage learning agency

3. Enable you to work autonomously, enjoy learning relationships with others, and feel that you are competent to achieve your own learning objectives

4. Support teachers to create learning that is active, collaborative, and to foster learning relationships

5. Support teachers to create educational experiences for you that are challenging and enriching and that extend your academic abilities

6. Ensure that the college culture is welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds

7. Invest in a variety of support services to maximise your participation and the fulfilment of your potential

8. Adapt to your changing expectations

9.Enable you to become an active producer rather than a passive consumer

10. Enable you to develop your social and cultural capital

Student Engagement Opportunities

Our Thriving Adult Community

Here at Trafford College we have a vibrant adult community where we offer hundreds of high-quality courses, during the day and evening, for beginners through to advanced diplomas. We provide relevant, useful and enjoyable learning experiences.

Our tutors are experienced, professionally-trained teachers and experts in their field who create a safe, stimulating and respectful environment for adult learners. Everything is on a smaller scale at Trafford, meaning your learning takes place in a classroom rather than a big lecture theatre. This creates a more productive learning environment and gives you more opportunities to collaborate with other learners.

We help people to learn skills to get into work, enjoy a new hobby or improve their job prospects. Whatever you choose to study, we hope there will be something for you.

Due to the nature of our courses, this means our students tend to have a lot more in common with each other, creating a student campus culture that allows you to also thrive socially.

Student Voice

We want to hear your views.

Our Student Reps act as the eyes and ears of Higher Education at Trafford College and share the views of their fellow course mates with the Management Team. If you’re keen to develop your leadership and communication skills, then why not become a Student Rep and help make a difference?

Becoming a Student Representative is a fantastic way for you to become more involved in decision making at the college.

Our Student Council are active campaigners for college improvement. The council has made a concerted effort to gather student views across the college about a variety of issues and they have then taken action to ensure success and outcomes that has improved the college experience for particularly our most vulnerable pupils.

The Higher Education provision at Trafford College really values the feedback they receive from learners and in recent years the feedback from the Student Council has contributed to the way we operate, the events we host and the rewards that students receive throughout the year.

The actions of our dedicated Student Council has led to an increase in counsellor time, drop in sessions for young carers, anti-bullying campaigns, lowering prices throughout our services and improving the quality of the student experience.

Become a Student Representative and represent your peers on this important decision-making body.

Student Ambassadors & Student Mentors

Student Ambassadors perform a vital role by volunteering their time to support University events.

By becoming a Student Ambassador, you will develop skills and gain the experience that is vital to impress employers and boost your CV.

Our Student Ambassadors are expected to act as role models by representing the University Centre at events and by performing a number of activities and duties, which include:

  • Interview evenings
  • Open Evenings
  • Parents’ Evening
  • Local school visits
  • Taster days
  • Community events
  • Student Panels and talks & other marketing activities

As well as developing teamwork, team leading, presentation and public speaking skills, becoming an ambassador will enable you to meet new people, make friends and have fun.

We’ve listed a number of benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador:

  • CV boosting experience
  • Paid work experience
  • Training in a number of skills (team leading, public speaking, communication)
  • A job reference
  • Insight into marketing, public relations and events

Sign up during Welcome Week or email for more information.

Sport & Enrichment

Keep fit, have fun and meet new people. From basketball to yoga, football to first aid, there’s a wide range of activities to choose from so keep an eye out!

You may also be chosen to represent the College at local sporting competitions. Our dedicated Sports Officer will visit your classes, posting on our social media and advertising across the College to keep you informed on what Sports Clubs are on offer and when training takes place.

Trips & Clubs

Each Subject Area runs a range of trips from local visits to trips overseas to explore new cultures.

We have a number of student led societies that respond to student enthusiasm. We have Debating, Creative Writing and Medical Societies, a College Magazine and also book groups. These groups are highly dependent on student leadership skills with support from teaching staff. If the society you want is not around - start it!


Working with the National Citizenship Service, we offer volunteering opportunities for you to gain new experiences, develop team work and communication skills, support your community, and build your CV.

We also support an annual charity which is chosen by staff and students at the college where you can be involved in fundraising activities and build your skills.