Learner Support

As part of the learner support provided, the Career Guidance team are here to help you make the right decisions.

Your time at college is valuable. How you spend it will determine what direction you take following your time with us.

We are committed to offering an accessible and inclusive environment for all

The Higher Education Student Support and Guidance (SSG) team can support you with:

  • Disabled Students’ Allowance Support and Advice
  • Work placement identification and support
  • Accessing the HE Study+ programme
  • Guidance on policy and procedure

Work Based Learning Team

The Work Based Learning Team ensures that all students are fully prepared to practice their learning at work. The aim of the placement is to provide the opportunity for you to acquire practical experience, by applying the knowledge gained on your course. Placements also enable students to develop key skills, including:

  • personal and interpersonal skills;
  • communication;
  • problem-solving;
  • a positive attitude towards change;
  • values and personal integrity;
  • an understanding of the world of work.

Career Guidance

We can help you in a number of ways from giving you advice on the most appropriate course to take before you start, to helping you decide what you want to do when you finish your course by considering your interests and your abilities and guiding you towards more education, training or work.

We also have a fully stocked careers library — including a section for graduates, with career databases and software packages to help you decide upon your future direction.

Email: careers@tcg.ac.uk

Tel: 0161 952 4694

Pastoral Support and Progress Tutors

The Pastoral Support team are here to support you through the difficult times in your life that potentially stop you achieving your best at college.

The Pastoral Support team are a team of Pastoral Support Tutors and the Student Mentors. The Pastoral Support Tutors are based in the curriculum departments and the Student Mentors are based on all sites.

When you start your course, you will be teamed up with a progress tutor who you will see regularly to discuss how you are doing, along with any issues or problems that you may have. If you have a problem that they can’t solve, they will refer you to someone who can help.


Sometimes personal problems can make it difficult to concentrate on studying. So it’s reassuring to know that you can call on a professional and confidential counselling service if you need to.

Students are welcome to talk to us about issues such as relationship difficulties, bereavement or anything else that is on their mind.

Counselling is available to full and part time students.

Tel: 0161 952 4694

Study Support (Additional Learning Support or ALS)

If you are concerned about how you will cope with your course or simply want to improve your study skills, then Study Support can help with a range of techniques such as managing revision, developing literacy & numeracy skills, dyslexia support and improving spelling & grammar.

Tel: 0161 952 4694

Help with Childcare

If you need assistance with the cost of childcare while you are at college, you may be eligible for help from the Learner Support Fund.

Awards will be made to eligible students on the basis of their income and their use of childcare provided by registered childcare.

Trafford residents can also register for a free place at any nursery school or class in the Borough for their child for the year prior to their entry to school.

Find out more here:

Stockport www.stockport.gov.uk/services/education/

Manchester www.manchester.gov.uk/info

Tameside www.tameside.gov.uk/surestart

Cheshire East www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/children_and_families

Trafford www.trafford.gov.uk/residents/children-and-families

Derbyshire www.derbyshire.gov.uk/education

For further information about childcare provision and funding contact the Student Finance Team.

Email: studentfinance@tcg.ac.uk

Tel: 0161 952 4694

Care Leavers and Other Support Services

If you are in care, a care leaver or you are supporting someone who is, then please contact us below for more information on how we can help you further your education.

Tel: 0161 952 4694

Youth workers can offer guidance & support on a range of issues from relationships to drugs advice, or anything else you want to talk about.

The College’s Contraceptive & Sexual Health Service is available to all students for friendly & confidential advice on different forms of contraception & sexual health testing.

We also have Chaplains to listen to your hopes and concerns & to help you explore a range of different faith issues, questions & interests.

We think it’s important to keep your parents updated on your progress. We send regular feedback reports home, keep them informed on your attendance & punctuality, and will invite them into the College for Parents’ Evenings.