Students get ‘College Ready’ after break in education

Students get ‘College Ready’ after break in education

The Trafford College Group has been welcoming students to its campuses for its College Ready programme.

The new programme is for Year 11 pupils who are transitioning into courses with Trafford and Stockport College in September after their extended break in education as a result of the pandemic.

The initiative was born in response to the continuing presence of COVID-19 and the confusion and apprehension it has created for a lot of young people leaving school, and waiting to start college after so many months away from education.

Staff at the College were passionate about ensuring that students could enjoy their summer break free of anxieties around starting college and that they could feel confident and prepared before starting their course in September.

Together with community partners, staff at the College have been delivering creative sessions, anxiety and stress management guidance, and advice on street safety and online safety. Students were also introduced to the student engagement activities they’ll be getting involved in at college in September.

Student Engagement Lead and Programme organiser, Michelle McLaughlin, said: "We're delighted to have supported transitioning students on yet another successful College Ready Programme. Introducing young people to further education is so vitally important to their wellbeing, at this time more than any other, and we look forward to helping them take their next steps with our College community."

Here's some of the feedback we received:

Wren said: "The programme was fun and it made me feel more confident."

Abdullah said: "I liked the programme - and it was fun and I got the chance to meet new people."

Jamie said: "It was entertaining and made me feel more relaxed about coming to College."

Ben said: "I feel informed and more confident about going to College. When I cam I thought it would be really strict but it was relaxed!"

Emily Grace said: "Its a positive thing as you get to have the opportunity to meet new people and I feel more confident coming to College knowing I have been in before."

Joe said: "It helped me deal with my anxiety about coming to College."

Caitlan said: "It makes you feel more comfortable and you find out more information about the lessons. All the staff are very helpful."

Amber said: "I feel a lot more confident about coming to College."

For any students who are still unsure about their next steps, there’s still time to apply. Our LiveChat is available Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm, Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm.