MP Kate Green visits College to hear student views

MP Kate Green visits College to hear student views

MP Kate Green paid a special visit to Trafford College to listen to students' views on a range of issues - from public health to the environment.

Creating a healthier and cleaner country were voted high on the agenda of items to discuss in the UK Youth Parliament’s Make Your Mark survey at the start of the academic year.

Members of Trafford College’s Equalities Council and Green Assembly had a lot to say when they met our representative for Stretford and Urmston at Stretford Campus on Friday 13th March.

A-Level student Michael Jarkowski and UK Youth Parliament member for Trafford said: “Meeting MP Kate Green has really informed my A-Level studies, particularly my Politics A-Level, as well as my extra-curricular interests. I felt really privileged to have been able to speak on behalf of the College on this occasion.”

While Trafford College’s pastoral care for students’ mental health was celebrated at the meeting with MP Kate Green, students overwhelmingly wanted to see better provision for secondary school age children.

Our representatives also wanted to see more support from people in power to protect the planet, by writing in environmentally-friendly clauses to local and central government procurement contracts, for example.

MP Kate Green said: “It was great to hear from students who were really interested in some of the biggest political and policy challenges this country faces. They were really bold and practical in the way they thought through solutions. I was very impressed.”