Students support star-studded film shot on campus

Students support star-studded film shot on campus

Trafford College students have supported the production of a short film on campus starring ‘This Is England’s Stephen Graham.

Director Philip Barantini (actor in Band of Brothers, Ned Kelly, Chernobyl and Humans) chose award-winning Aspire Restaurant at the college’s Altrincham campus as the location for ‘Boiling Point’, a production about the pressures of being a chef.

Make-up students were given the invaluable opportunity of working on the cast’s make up, while students from the art and media department acted as runners for the film crew, and hospitality trainees received tips from chefs acting as consultants for the cast, which included Great British Menu finalist, Ellis Barrie.

Assan Wickens from the Professional Chef Level 2 course, appeared in the kitchens as an extra – skimming stock in the background – and was delighted to receive impromptu lessons in between takes from the culinary experts.

Former Stretford High pupil Assan, 16, from Shrewsbury Street in Old Trafford said: “Ellis Barrie showed me how to debone a chicken and the best way to cut veg. It was crazy meeting the cast. I’ve always been a fan of Stephen Graham after watching him in Pirates of the Caribbean.

“My family are so proud of me. They didn’t expect me to take part in a movie production like this.”

Assan also got the added treat of sitting in the makeover chair, as Media and Make-up students painted his face with oil to create a hot and sweaty look – only to be expected when working in a busy kitchen.

Director Philip Barantini said he had based the film on his experience of working in busy kitchens for 10 years before he took up acting and directing.

He said, “When I walked around [Trafford College], it looked exactly like how I had written it. Everything was in the right place. The facilities are amazing.

“The fact that the kitchens looked brand new and so clean is an added bonus, because this has enabled me to decide what kind of restaurant the one in the film is going to be.”

The restaurant in the film will be known as the high-end La Maison du Marie, which ties in with the college’s real life links to catering academies in France that some students have gone on to study at.

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