More than 200 staff and students sign up for sponsored walk

More than 200 staff and students sign up for sponsored walk

Trafford College’s staff and students took to their feet for a sponsored walk between campuses in a mass wellbeing and fitness drive.

More than 200 participants signed up for the 5-mile challenge between Altrincham Campus on Manchester Road and Stretford Campus on Talbot Road on Wednesday 11th March.

The brains behind the push were Trafford College’s Sport Department, which held the walk in association with Health & Social Care and Association of Colleges Sport, to raise money for Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAS) and to mark International Women’s Day.

Sport England Project Lead at Trafford College, Leah Greig, said: “The event was really successful, we were almost full to capacity with the numbers signing up to take part. It was excellent to see so many staff and students during the event getting active for a good cause.”

The College raised almost £100 for the charity, which supports women, men and children who are suffering or who have suffered domestic abuse through intervention and protection services.

Level 3 Health and Social Care student Millie Davie said: “If it hadn’t have been for training with the Sports students who are learning to be coaches here, I wouldn’t have done the walk. I don’t do as much exercise as I could do in College apart from that.

“We’d just had a talk from TDAS at Stretford Campus and when we realised how many people are affected by domestic violence we wanted to raise money and help out. I really enjoyed the walk. I’d definitely do it again.

First-year Health and Social Care student Alice Davison said: “My tutors encouraged me to take part. I did it because it was for charity as well as the challenge. In between College and my job, I don’t feel like I’ve got time for Sport. We had been watching a video about TDAS and I thought the walk would be a good way of helping out.”