What I’ve learned while studying at home

What I’ve learned while studying at home

Deputy Leader of the Equalities Council Ahmed Darouache shares his top tips for remote learning during lockdown.

"I am studying a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering together with an A Level in Mathematics. I think remote learning is great because I can sit and work at home where there are no distractions. I also have much more time to do my BTEC assignments and my A Level Mathematics work.

For A Level Mathematics, I use YouTube videos, such as ExamSolutions Maths Channel to help me visualize where the numbers come from when I am calculating complex questions. Then I use past papers online to answer all the questions from the topics that I’ve learned. This is a good way to revise as I do not need to waste my money for printing past papers.

For BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering, I use Moodle and library books such as eBooks like ‘BTEC Level 3 National Engineering Student Book’ to help me complete my assignments. These kinds of resources are beneficial for me as I do not need to physically carry anything. Having these kinds of resources also saves time as I do not need to wait for books to complete my assignments, and I think I will need these for University when I will start in September.

On Moodle there are resources like PowerPoint presentations and word documents, which contain support questions to help me with my assignments. All assignments I’m doing at the moment are on Moodle."

Ahmed uses a hearing aid and lip reads. He started studying at Trafford College in 2015 in Foundation Learning Entry Level 3 IT, rapidly progressing to a pre-GCSE course followed by full GCSEs in Maths and English the year after.

After taking a wider range of GCSEs the next academic year, the former Manor Academy pupil went on to ace the first part of his BTEC Engineering course with the highest grades possible, double starred distinctions.

The student ambassador was elected Deputy Leader of student forum, the Equalities Council, and received a certificate for ‘Student of the Month’ in Engineering in 2019.