From planes to trains for College aviation crew

From planes to trains for College aviation crew

The career choices of students completing Trafford College’s one-of-a-kind cabin crew course have proved that it’s not just planes where students can gain first-class employment.

While learners like Hannah Proctor have followed the traditional route of progression onto jobs with airlines like Ryanair, others, such as Jack Formstone and Ellie Manns, have secured work on the railways in customer delivery management for TransPennine Express.

Both modes of transport require strict adherence to security protocol, emergency procedures, knowledge of travel operations as well as an understanding of transport duties, all of which form an integral part of Trafford College’s Cabin Crew course, which includes work experience with RAF, Airbus and Jet2, to name but a few, as well as educational visits to national and international airports.

Jack said: “During my studies with the College I’ve been able to go on tours overseas, which was great for team-building, as was learning more about transport operations at airports abroad. This year I’ve really enjoyed learning about emergency procedures.

“There are a lot of similarities between airplanes and trains, such as the health and safety aspects of the course that we learn and the regulations, and I’m really looking forward to working for TransPennine Express.”

Ellie said: “With TransPennine Express, my work will be different every day, that’s why I chose to study the cabin crew course. I’ll get to see so much of several different cities. I’ve taken a lot from what I’ve learned that I’ll be able to apply to my new career.”

This year students have been able to benefit from a state-of-the-art online training programme, especially adapted for learners to apply their skills online, designed by industry experts from the aviation industry, and work experience has taken place virtually. When it has been safe to do so, learners have been able to gain valuable training in the College’s specially adapted travel and tourism department classroom, complete with aircraft interior.

Travel and Tourism tutor Helen Taylor said: “We’re so proud of all our students and especially those who have gone on to secure work with Ryanair and TransPennine Express. As part of our training, we prepare students for the workplace by sharing current vacancies and providing industry tips about applying for jobs. We’re delighted that, despite the pandemic, so many students have gone on to the workplaces they’ve hoped for this year.”

Hannah, who is one of five students to embark on pre-employment training with Ryanair, said: “I loved the course. The staff is the reason that I came here. They have given me excellent mentoring and I know for certain there will be less to remember when I start training with Ryanair because I’ve learned so much here.”

Congratulations also go to Grace Gregory and Sam Orange from Aviation Operations, who have also secured jobs with TransPennine Express.