Father and son offer diners Michelin-starred experience: Restaurant Takeover Week

Father and son offer diners Michelin-starred experience: Restaurant Takeover Week

A former catering student is bringing his Michelin-starred experience back to Trafford College diners – cooking alongside his chef-turned-equipment entrepreneur dad.

For one night only in January, guests had an opportunity to sample a taste of 18–year-old Jordan Holland’s success, who secured a job at double Michelin-starred Lancashire restaurant, Moor Hall, within six months of gaining his Professional Chef diploma.

Moor Hall was voted the UK’s best eaterie at the National Restaurant Awards in June 2019.

Jordan from Wilmslow said: “I decided to do the takeover as it’s a good opportunity to teach students things that they might not have experienced before. I also enjoyed the takeover nights when I was at Trafford College so thought it would be good to take part.

“Trafford College taught me the basic skills and the traditional recipes that I needed so I can grow. I was also taught how to use the traditional methods in current and modern ways.”

Before serving up their mouth-watering menu, Chris and Jordan held a masterclass with students on the art of sous vide, where food is wrapped and submerged under hot water as part of a slow cooking process.

Chef and Chief Director at SousVideTools Chris Holland said: “A large part of my role is training and education and there is nothing better than coming into the college kitchens with the students and working alongside them and showing them some of the more creative aspects of both Sous Vide and modernist cooking.

“It’s important for the students to be involved in events like this as it provides them with experience that replicates what it will be like when they eventually go into the professional kitchen but with some fun along the way I am sure. Then of course there is the added enjoyment of cooking with Jordan.”

To book at table at the College’s award-winning Aspire Restaurant during Restaurant Takeover Week or at any other time call 0161 952 4678.