Walking our first Manchester Pride parade

Walking our first Manchester Pride parade

Staff, students, family members, allies and even Jack Russell dog Max, walked Trafford College's first Manchester Pride parade on Saturday 24th August.  

The Trafford College team dazzled in rainbow branded t-shirts, silver logo headdresses and rainbow tutus - hand-made by our LGBTQ+ allies. But the most hugs, waves and high-fives went to one of our students who came in full drag.

Organiser, Jayne Hickey, said: “The highlight of Manchester Pride had to be how many shouts of ‘Trafford College Group’ we got from the crowd. Being part of the parade, showing support to our own LGBTQ+ community and allies, was worth the wait.”

It is the first year Trafford College, which is part of Trafford College Group, has taken part in Manchester Pride, after starring at Trafford Pride earlier in the year.   

Jayne explained: “It can be quite lonely to be LGBTQ+ and coming to a new place; some students may have even chosen to ‘come out’ at College. Even if just knowing we have an LGBTQ+ group makes some of these students feel accepted, then that is a success.”

If you're a new or existing student and would like to get involved with an LGBTQ+ Social Group in Traoffrd College, please contact amysingh@tcg.ac.uk.