Student celebrates GCSE Results Day at work in COVID-19 testing centre

Student celebrates GCSE Results Day at work in COVID-19 testing centre

Star Full Time GCSE student Mouayad Ghrewi spent his day helping others get tested during the pandemic.

Mouayad gained in an impressive 7 in biology, 6 in physics, 6 in maths, 6 in chemistry and 5 in English on the Full Time GCSE Programme at Trafford College where he plans to study A Levels in September.

The 17-year-old took the job after looking for ways he could help during the pandemic after completing his GCSEs on the College’s Full Time Programme, designed for students who want to improve their grades or gain English qualifications from abroad.

Mouayad from Gorton, who talks people through the tests, said: “I really wanted to do something positive for the community I’ve settled in since arriving to the UK. Supporting people getting tested for the virus may not be everyone’s way of celebrating their GCSEs but this kind of work doesn’t stop because of Results Day.”

Mouayad has waited a long time to restart his education after making the journey overseas to Greece from Turkey where went to leave the war in Syria.

In Turkey, a teenage Mouayad worked 12 hour days as a tailor in order to support his three brothers, two sisters and mother while his father went ahead.

Mouayad said: “Like many of the people arriving at the testing centre, I understand what it is like to feel scared and to have your life on pause until you get your results. I’ve had so many mixed feelings in the past, but I wanted to help people in the same way my family have helped me on my journey.”

After completing his A Levels at Trafford College, Mouayad aims go on to university in order to become a doctor, spurred on by the lack of medical care he saw for people in Syria during the war.

Assistant Principal Helen Wood said: “We are so proud of what Mouayad has decided to do to support his community, particularly after devoting so much time and effort to studying his GCSEs.

"We are delighted Mouayad will continue to learn from the same excellent teaching and learning staff within the A Level Department as he had on the Full Time GCSE Programme, and we look forward to supporting Mouayad to thrive in the years ahead.”