Why gaining GCSE maths was important to me

Why gaining GCSE maths was important to me

Student Professional Chef Charlotte Tindell explains how the College helped her gain that all-important GCSE maths.

Learning GCSE maths alongside my vocational qualification was important to me because it helped build up skills that I use on a daily basis: problem solving, analysing data, communication, logical thinking and attention to detail.

Throughout my Professional Chef course, I’ve needed to weigh out the right amount of ingredients, calculate portion sizes and work out prices on a menu, which is where my maths lessons in College really came into force.

What I liked most about studying GCSE maths at College was the support I received from tutors who really helped me conquer any problems. The smaller class sizes compared with school were really very good. Tutors really make each student matter and share everyone’s ideas around the classroom. Student support services are really helpful at the College and staff always seem to go out of their way to help you.

Some of the challenges I’ve faced were in trigonometry, fractions, equations and inequalities, but with the support of my maths tutor I’ve been able to achieve some very good grades early on. I’ve worked really hard to be the best I can be and learned some exceptional skills along the way, which I know I will continue to find really useful in my career in future.

When I apply for commis chef jobs with my Level 3 Professional Chef qualification, I’ll now be proud to say that I’ve got GCSE maths.

I’ve loved being part such an amazing, resourceful and welcoming College, which really gives every student the best chance to achieve their full potential.