Blind Paralympian challenges students to cook blindfolded

Blind Paralympian challenges students to cook blindfolded

Blind Paralympic gold medallist Lora Fachie MBE challenged catering students to carry out basic kitchen tasks blindfolded on a VIP visit to Trafford College.

The Level 3 Professional Cookery students were asked to separate eggs, chop onions and correctly identify spices and vegetables on Wednesday 5th February using their senses of smell and taste.

Catering tutor Paul Taylor said: “It’s fantastic Lora could come to visit Trafford College. Teaching students to able to feel, smell and taste ingredients, rather than just see them, is an important part of these learners’ futures.”

While most students correctly identified different spices, vegetables and chop onions, only two were able to divide the yolks from whites while blindfolded.

Student Hayden Nelson said, “It has been great. I’ve improved cooking with all of my senses. Lora is really raising awareness of what it’s like to cook when you are blind. It has really shown me a different side of cooking.”

The three times World Champion cyclist and reigning 3km pursuit gold medallist was taught to cook by her mother, who was a blind athlete in her own right.

In a presentation to students, Lora revealed tips and tricks for cooking, such as using a finger to judge depth when pouring hot water and marking the sides of pieces cooked meat with a cocktail stick.

Lora, whose husband Neil is also blind and competes at Paralympic level, said: “There’s a lot of problem-solving to cooking when you are blind. The students were pretty good at cooking blindfolded, which was encouraging as they’re clearly learning a lot more about food at Trafford College rather than just seeing it. Nowadays pictures of food are all over Instagram, but using all of our senses is just important.”