A ‘Grown Up’ Choice for A-Level high-flier

A ‘Grown Up’ Choice for A-Level high-flier

Trafford College was a more grown-up choice for A-Level award-winner and high flier Megan Joyce who joined after a year at grammar school.

“In effect, I’ve done three years of A-Levels. I changed because I wanted to be treated more like an adult and, from the teaching, the people and the atmosphere, Trafford College is a very positive place to be,” the 19-year-old said.

Megan excelled at Trafford College’s new sixth form centre, which was refurbished this academic year into an exclusive zone with independent study areas. Megan received one of our prestigious student awards for her effort in A-Level History, England Language and Sociology.

Megan applied to be sociology mentor at the College, which would have strengthened a future in counselling on her CV.

One of her many highlights was Trafford College’s Work-related Learning Day, which saw representatives from universities across the country and different careers converge at Altrincham Campus to show students the wide range of opportunities available.

She added: “Until you go to College you don’t realise how much better it is. The facilities are more modern compared with high school, pastoral support for students is one big positive compared with what is available elsewhere and, because I got on well with my tutors, I felt very well supported; being able to email our tutors really helped.”

Megan is nervously-anticipating her results after being offered a place on Newcastle University’s Sociology degree course. While she is still thinking about her career options, a future in counselling and social work appeals.

A-Level Head Bernadette Barnett said: “Megan is a class leader in all debates and discussion demonstrating her passion for learning in all her subjects. She not only works tirelessly to develop her own knowledge and understanding, but has an exceptional rapport with her peers, supporting them to remain focused.

“Megan has made a real difference at Trafford College; her mature example has contributed to the success of others in all her groups.”