Leadership Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team all have a responsibility to support the Trafford College Group on its strategic journey to support the landscape of education in Greater Manchester. 

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Meet the Team

At The Trafford College Group we support every student on their career journey, investing our time and resources into improving the college experience, teaching, learning, and learner outcomes. Our strategic goals are led by the Leadership Team, based across our various campus sites. 

The Executive Leadership Team

  • Lesley Davies OBE, Principal and Chief Executive (Altrincham)
  • James Scott, Vice Principal Curriculum (Campus Principal Stockport)
  • Michelle Leslie, Vice Principal Corporate Planning and Services (Altrincham)
  • Andrea Bennett, Director of Finance & Strategy (Altrincham)

The Leadership Team

In addition to the Executive Leadership Team;

  • Alex Fau-Goodwin, Assistant Principal (Stretford and Stockport)
  • Helen Wood, Assistant Principal  (Altrincham)
  • Emma Goodlet, Assistant Principal 16-19 Study Programmes (Altrincham)
  • Joan Scott,  Director of Adult Learning and Community Learning (Stretford)
  • Jane Keys, Director of Apprenticeships (Stretford)
  • Mark Harris Dean of Higher Education (Stockport)
  • Keith Linton, Director of Premises (Altrincham)
  • Carl Miles, Director of Marketing and Customer Services (Altrincham)
  • Naomi Harrop, Head of HR and Performance (Altrincham)

Contact Our Leadership Team

Whilst the Leadership Team work across all campuses their locations for contact purposes is given within the listing. 

Contact details are:

Trafford College Group – Stockport College Campus

Wellington Road South




Tel: 0161-296-5000


Trafford College Group – Altrincham Campus

Manchester Road

West Timperley


WA14 5PQ

Tel: 0161-886-7000


Trafford College Group – Stretford Campus

Talbot Road


Manchester M32 OXH

Tel: 0161-886-7000

Marketing Manager

Trafford College Group

0161 296 5796 or 0161 886  7086