Exam Dates

Looking for information on when you'll be sitting your exams?

We know how unsettling the last year must have been for you following the announcement that your studies must continue outside of college and that the summer exams have been cancelled by government in response to the unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The College would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued understanding, patience and perseverance during this very difficult time. These qualities are what makes the College very proud of you, our students.

The government, through the exams regulator Ofqual, has now published guidance on how GCSE, A Level and AS Level qualifications are to awarded following the cancellation of summer exams. A copy of Ofqual’s letter to students can be found here.

The summary of this is as follows:

  • The College will be required to submit the grade we believe each student would have achieved if learning and examinations would have continued as planned.
  • The College will also be required, within each subject, to provide the order of students for each grade based on their performance. This information will be used to standardise judgements.
  • In arriving at these judgements, the College will take into account a range of evidence for each student including coursework, assignment marks, mock exams, homework and your general progress in the subject.
  • Results will be standardised by exam boards to ensure fairness across schools and colleges, and this means that the grades you eventually receive could be different to the ones submitted by the College.
  • The College is not permitted to share information with students on the grades that we have arrived at, and we would kindly ask that students do not request this information from the College or from individual teachers.
  • The government is working to ensure that you receive your final grades no later than the normal dates of release in August, if not sooner. Further information will be provided on this when available

The College also needs to make you aware that any work you have done since the closure as a result of Coronavirus will not form part of your eventual grade. However, your continued work has been really important to enable you to continue to develop your skills and knowledge.

For students who are undertaking GCSE Maths and English as part of your vocational course, we expect you to continue to engage in studies, as this is required in order for you to progress to the next level course in September. Your tutors will shortly be talking to you about the internal progression process for a Level 3, or other appropriate course.

For adult students on our Part-Time GCSE courses, your tutors will be in touch regarding any further requirements from you for this academic year.

For those students who are undertaking our Full-Time GCSE programme, we also expect you to continue to engage in your studies. Your tutors will be providing learning and skills to help you progress into academic Level 3 courses for September.

For second year A Level students, it’s important that you now focus on developing the skills and knowledge that will help you in your first year of university, or help you to progress into employment. Your tutors will be talking to you on how the College can continue to support this.

We fully understand that a large number of our students are taking courses that are not GCSE or A Levels. The government is about to provide further guidance for students taking vocational qualifications, BTECs and functional skills. We will share this guidance as soon as it is available. The College will also continue to communicate with Apprentices and Higher Education Students through our staff regarding continued education and assessment arrangements. It is important that students across all programmes continue to engage in studies as directed by teachers.

Once again, the College would like to thank all our students for your continued commitment and hard work during this very difficult period.