Supported Internship Programme

Course Overview

The supported internship is a structured study programme based primarily at a host employer which in this case is Trafford General Hospital. The programme is delivered in partnership with Pure Innovations, Trafford General Hospital and Trafford Council. The course enables and supports young people with complex learning difficulties to have the opportunity to gain sustainable paid employment by equipping them with the skills they need for work, through work experience placements, for example:

* Pharmacy
* Hospitality and Catering
* Domestics
* Linen room
* Administration
* Radiology
* Reception

Students experience 3 work placements, one per term and they are supported by their personal tutor, Job Coach and Senior Employment officers.

Wherever possible, learners are supported to move into paid employment at the end of the programme. Alongside their time with the employer, young people complete a personalised study programme which offers you the opportunity to study for a relevant qualification which is City & Guilds Certificate in Employability and Personal Development, at Entry 2,3 or level 1 depending on assessment. Learners complete the following core units and a variety of others:

* Planning for progression - the aim of the unit is to help you to plan for progression by understanding your programme and the facilities and support available and by being able to recognise and build on personal strengths.

* Work based experience - the aim of this unit is to help you develop your skills in, and understanding of, the workplace by preparing for, attending and reviewing work experience.

Attendance is 4 days per week
Placement is usually between 10.30 and 2.30 inclusive each day of the course. The personal tutor and job coach supports the learner and promotes confidence, independence and positive behaviour in the workplace which is essential.

Course Requirements

Application form completed.
Initial assessment at Trafford College and interview carried out by Trafford College staff and Pure innovations staff.
School/College review.
It is advantageous if students are or are willing to be travel trained.

Course Skills & Benefits

* Specialist well qualified staff
* An excellent classroom providing an enriched learning environment
* Individual student laptops
* Job coach is available to ensure learners needs are met.
* Work placements in real working environment in Trafford General Hospital
* Regular placement reviews
Travel training for independent travel is delivered before the official start of the course.

Course Progression

Working towards paid employment at the end of course.

Course Assessment

Assessment is usually carried out by:

* Written work
* Videos
* Photos
* Tutor observation
* Peer evaluation
* Projects

A portfolio of work is built up throughout the course.

Course Additional Information