Sports Science with A levels(T)

Course Overview

This is a full time study programme primarily aimed at academically focussed students who aspire to work in the scientific realm of sport. By undertaking this elite study programme students will be expected to progress on to Higher Education. While there are some practical elements within the study programme, content will largely focus on the theoretical application of science to the key strands of sport.

Students will study a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences and two A Levels from the following Options:
Biology *, Chemistry *, Psychology, Sociology, English Language

Students will have 15 hours contact time – 5 hours per subject area.

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport & Exercise Sciences
1: Anatomy for Sport and Exercise
2: Sport and Exercise Physiology
3: Sport and Exercise Psychology
23: Work Experience in Sport – involves two week placement with one week over a half term.

And two units from the selection below:
7: Exercise, Health and Lifestyle
8: Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise
12: Sports Nutrition
16: Sports Coaching
17: Practical Individual Sports or 18: Practical Team Sports

Course Requirements

Grade 4 in GCSE both English and Maths and 3x “C” Grade GCSEs in any other subjects.
Please Note: If selecting A Level Biology and/or Chemistry applicants will require a “BB” Grade GCSE Core and Additional Science. And for Psychology a B in Science or 6 in Maths

Course Skills & Benefits

You will be expected to find a suitable work experience placement in February of your second year.

Course Progression

This course is designed for progression to Higher Education

Course Assessment

Within the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences course students will be assessed through a variety of methods including; essays, reports, presentations, leaflets, posters and practical sessions.

Accreditation of the selected A Level options will be 100% through external examinations. There are three papers in each subject which will be taken at the end of two years.You will be assessed throughout the course and given feedback; at the end of year one you will sit a progression exam that will determine your suitability for year 2.

Course Finance

Please contact the College for further information.

Course Additional Information