Sociology A Level

Course Overview

Studying Sociology will give you an understanding of the world that emphasises the interaction between individuals; teacher and pupil, within groups; different subcultures and social institutions; how people interact with agencies such as the police.

What’s on the course?

During your first year you will study key concepts and theories about social order, social control, social change, conflict and consensus. You will also look at social structure and social action theories and the influence of research on policies.

Firstly you will study Acquiring Culture where we look at family and households; how the family has changed and why, and also how childhood is influenced by cultural factors such as child soldiers.

Afterwards you will study Understanding Society and Methods where you will look at applying your knowledge of research methods to a particular piece of research material. You will look at education, media or religion. An area in education you may look at whether girls are still outperforming boys and if so, why? You may look at the media and how we are influenced by what we see on television and read in the paper and with the final topic of religion you will consider different religious cults and sects in society and whether religion and its place has changed over time.

Course Requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 including maths and English at grade 5

Course Progression

A large number of students go on to study Sociology or a related subject at university. The skills you acquire are transferable to a number of professions. Some options for Sociology students are: Counsellor, Social Work, Human Resources, Youth Worker, Teacher, work within the Police or Prison Service.

Course Assessment

Through written exams. Students will take AS level at the end of their first year to help them monitor their progress and for universities to see how they are doing.

The A level is awarded on the basis of exams held at the end of the second year which cover the full course.

Course Finance

For details on course fees please contact the College.

Course Additional Information