Psychology A Level

Course Overview

Why study Psychology?

Ever wondered why criminals kill or how people with mental disorders are treated? Through studying Psychology you will gain an understanding of how the mind works and why individuals behave in the way that they do. You will look at the individual and explain their behaviour using approaches such as Cognitive Psychology which looks at how we process information differently or Biological Psychologists that look at the role of genes and the central nervous system and the influence they have on behaviour.

What's on the course?

During the first year you will study key approaches in Psychology. These are the basic schools of psychological theory that explain behaviour from looking at genes, our environment, family relationships and how we absorb information from around us. You will carry out your own research and prepare an area of interest such as conformity or obedience to authority. You will also have the chance to look at what is 'normal' in society such as schizophrenia and depression. Psychology is now one of the preferred A levels for a number of Medical and Nursing Schools

Course Requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 9-5 including maths, English and GCSE science grade 6

Course Progression

A large number of students go on to study Psychology or a related subject at university. There are a broad number of career paths: Counselling, Education Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Advertising, Management and many more.

Course Assessment

Through written exams. Students will take AS level at the end of their first year to help them monitor their progress and for universities to see how they are doing.

The A level is awarded on the basis of exams held at the end of the second year which cover the full course.

Course Finance

For details on course fees please contact the College.

Course Additional Information