Photoshop, Intro to

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to the principles of Photoshop to complete beginners.

Whether you are an amateur photographer wanting to enhance your photographs, a budding artist or designer wanting to develop your digital skill set, or just interested in using Photoshop as a hobby, the course is designed to provide familiarity with the interface and tools whilst covering basic techniques of image editing and design which are important to understand before moving on to more advanced image editing and design techniques such as web graphics or photo montage.

This course is suitable for PC or Mac users

Please contact 0161 952 4733 or email Start date: 29/01/2020 . Start time: 19:00

Course Requirements

There are no entry requirements

Course Progression

This course can feed into Intro to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Course Assessment

There is no formal assessment for this course

Course Finance

The course fees for academic year 19/20 are £60.00

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