Life Drawing

Course Overview

During this 11 week course you will be introduced to the principles of drawing from the human form. In most classes you will be drawing from a nude model and will work in a formal setting. Many rules and devices of drawing will be explored, such as proportion, measuring, composition and weight of line. You can expect to use pencil, graphite, chalk and charcoal and to explore techniques relating to each material.

Course Requirements

No formal qualifications are needed but it is preferable if learners have undertaken the Intro to Drawing course or Portraits course or have some Art and Design experience.

Course Skills & Benefits

Basic materials are provided, but you may wish to purchase some of your own as the course progresses to enable you to continue work at home.

Course Progression

Further intermediate drawing and painting courses, such as acrylic painting. For those wishing to take their studies further and to gain a qualification, there is the Foundation Diploma course.

Course Assessment

This is a practical course and there is no formal assessment however you will be asked to complete a RARPA confidence survey.
This will happen at the start and end of the course and will record your progress in this subject.

Course Additional Information