History A Level

Course Overview

History is an excellent A Level choice as it will help to develop your ability to think critically. In addition to gaining knowledge and understanding of the periods, themes and topics studied, you will also develop important skills including the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion and to make judgements. The course also provides you with the opportunity to develop research and communication skills. If you’re interested in developing a range of skills that will provide you with a firm foundation for a wide range of degrees or careers then History is for you.

What’s on the course?

We’ll begin with Tsarist Russia 1855 to 1917. We look at what Russia was like under the final three tsars and the causes and effects of the Russian Revolutions of 1917. We look at the role of individuals and examine factors working for and against change. We also debate interpretations of events, issues and ideas.

We’ll then move on to Britain 1902–1918: The Impact of New Liberalism. We will investigate the impact of New Liberalism in both peace and war. You will gain an understanding of the nature of New Liberalism, its promotion of social and constitutional reform and the challenges it faced in both peace and war. The period allows for the development of an understanding of the relationships between ideas, individuals and wider forces.

Course Requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 including maths and English at grade 5

Course Progression

Once you’ve finished you’ll have a range of useful skills including the ability to analyse, debate, create a strong argument and communicate effectively. These will be a really big help to you at university and in employment. A well trained historian can deal with lots of facts, arguments and viewpoints and build up strong arguments. Employers rate the skills of a historian very highly and history students find employment in a wide range of jobs including research, journalism and the media, management and public relations.

Course Assessment

The course is assessed through exams at the end of the year and also through a historical investigation in the second year which is worth 20% of the A level.

Course Finance

For details on course fees please contact the College.

Course Additional Information