English Language A Level

Course Overview

Why study English Language?

Look at the language around you. How does a baby go from one word to 2,000 by the age of five? How did you learn to speak and what do the words you use say about you? If you’re interested in the answers to these questions then English Language is for you.

What’s on the course?

We’ll begin by looking at how you started to use English Language, how it's used in everyday life whether spoken, written or electronic. You’ll look at what makes a good conversationalist and what makes a good listener. You'll even get a chance to find out whether it is true that women talk more than men and do all the gossiping!

Course Requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 including maths plus English at grade 5.

Course Skills & Benefits

What our students say

'English Language is a fascinating subject and of real importance in the world today.'.......Rebecca Murphy

'At Trafford College the teachers are really helpful and supportive and the English Language lessons are interesting, using lots of recent examples to make the subject relevant to us'........... Frankie Robinson

Course Progression

What are the career opportunities?

Once you've completed the English Language course you'll have picked up a range of useful skills including the ability to analyse, debate, create a strong argument and communicate effectively. These skills will prove highly useful when you continue with the subject at university and in employment. This specification is a good building block for higher education courses and careers in journalism, marketing, publishing, drama, academia, linguistics and new media.

Course Assessment

The course is assessed through 80% external exams, with 20% coursework in the second year

Course Additional Information