Business (Law) Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma

Course Overview

This course is for students interested in applying Law by studying it in practical application, those who wish to know how the legal system works in civil, criminal and business cases.

The course has been designed and developed to give learners a qualification that will enable them to:

* Study this alongside the study of two other A Levels
* Develop their employability and professional skills
* Focus on their own self development through personal study
* Interact with legal executives and business professionals throughout the course of study
*Apply to university for further studies in Law or Business

Students focus on studies in Applied Law with units that will consist of:-
1 Dispute Solving in the Legal System
2 Understanding Law Making
3 Aspects of Legal Liability
4 Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers
5 Employment Law
6 Family Law

Course Requirements

5 GCSE's at grades 9 - 4 including English Language and maths at grade 4 and a successful interview.

Course Skills & Benefits

As part of this study programme, students will have time allocated to the development of skills to ensure career readiness - master-classes from industry experts, visits and mentor programmes will be available in study time.

Course Progression

Opportunities to progress to higher education vocational qualifications such as the Level 4/5 BTEC Higher Nationals or an honours degree. This Diploma is equivalent to 1 A Level for university entrance purposes.

Course Assessment

There is continual assessment/project work for each of the units by vocational assignments leading to external quality assessment called National Standards Sampling. There are no external exams on this programme as grades (P, M or D/D*) are acquired as each piece of course work is completed.

Course Additional Information