Business A Level

Course Overview

Business Studies is an interesting and varied course that provides insights into different types of organisation, entrepreneurship, management and the economy. The course incorporates a mixture of individual and group work and allows you to develop a wide range of skills.

What’s on the course?

We'll begin by looking at what is involved in planning and financing a new business. What are the typical characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and managers? Where is the best place to locate different types of business? Should new businesses focus on trying to create a unique product or service or should they focus on offering competitive prices? How do businesses plan their finances?

The second half of the A level course focuses on how to manage a business effectively. What approaches can businesses use to promote their products or services successfully? How do managers select the right prices? How can managers get the best out of their employees? What techniques can managers use to control their finances? How do external factors impact on business success? You will learn about different areas of business management including marketing, production, finance and human resources. These skills will be built upon in the second year of the course.What our students say

Course Requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 including maths plus English at grade 5

Course Progression

You will develop advanced skills of application, analysis and evaluation. These skills are transferable and will help you build a solid foundation for higher study. Experience of studying business and management should contribute positively to your future employment and promotional prospects.

Course Assessment

Through written exams based on case studies covered in class.

This course can lead to AS at the end of Year 1.

Course Finance

For details on course fees please contact the College.

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