Biology GCSE

Course Overview

Biology is a wide ranging subject with an increasing relevance to everyday life in terms of health and environmental issues
A course based on this specification encourages candidates to:
• develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, science
• develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods
• acquire and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society
• acquire scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for progression to further learning.

What’s on the course?

The units which contribute to the subject award GCSE Biology are:

Paper1: Cell biology, Organisation, Infection and response and Bioenergetics.

Paper 2: Homeostasis and response, Inheritance, Variation and Evolution and Ecology.

Investigative Skills – there are 10 compulsory biology practical’s aimed at supporting the enhancement of your investigative thinking and consolidating your understanding of key biology concepts.

Course Requirements

Grades D or above in English and Mathematics along with a commitment to the course with ability to attend all evening sessions.

Course Assessment

Two written exam papers in June, these will be during the day so you will need to make sure you can have time off to sit the exam if you work.

Course Additional Information