Basic Car Maintenance

Course Overview

The course will give you an overview of general serviceable items such as wheels and tyres, brake operation and service checks on your own vehicle. This course could save you time and money on basic car maintenance. You will work in the workshops learning the practical skills required to enable you to do simple maintenance tasks on your own vehicle.

Course Requirements

No specific qualifications, previous learning or experience is required.
However, basic literacy and numeracy skills are an advantage. In addition, candidates should have the ability to read, write, organise and interpret written tasks in English.

An initial assessment of each candidate will be made before the start of the programme to identify candidates that have any specific training needs support, credit they have accumulated and the appropriate type and level of qualification.

There will be an induction programme so the candidate fully understands the requirements of the qualification[s], their responsibilities as a candidate, and the responsibilities of the centre. This information will be recorded on a learning contract.

Course Assessment

There is no formal examination; but tutors will continually assess your development needs throughout the short course.

Course Finance

The course fee is £250

Course Additional Information