Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts studied Health and Social Care at Trafford College

In under 12 months, mother-of two Emma Roberts has seen her new career in the health and social care sector really gain momentum, completing her Level 2 apprenticeship ahead of schedule, achieving her Level 1 functional skills and gaining a promotion to senior care worker.

Emma, 32, is also continuing her studies and progressing to her Level 3 apprenticeship.

“Returning to education has helped me massively,” says Emma. “Not only have I been guided through everything I have needed to learn for my new career, but it has given me the drive and passion to progress further.

“It has really made a positive impact on my life. Not only have I now gained qualifications, I have more confidence, I’m much happier in my work and I have inspired my daughter to follow in my footsteps.

“It’s also made a difference financially as I’m working the hours I need to in a job I love and my ultimate ambition is to qualify as a nurse. 

Emma added: “I would definitely recommend this to others, for anyone thinking about an apprenticeship or additional learning, just go for it.

“It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, or your age, it’s never too late. I have managed to gain qualifications while working full time as well as balancing home life and looking after my two daughters.

Course tutor Colina Wilson said: “Emma never fails to present a determined and focused approach to her studies and a very caring, client oriented, positive approach to her role as a senior carer.”

Whoever you work with, you have the potential to make a massive difference to someone’s life. This can make it a very rewarding role, and this is often what people enjoy the most about working in the sector, and why our Health and Social Care courses prove to be ever popular.