Abbie Halls

Abbie Halls

Abbie Halls studied Hospitality and Catering at Trafford College

Abbie Halls started her professional chef and kitchen skills course as the next step in her educational journey after finishing school, and hasn’t looked back.

“I went to college because I loved cooking and baking, and it was something I was quite talented at. Trafford College was the best college around for the course I wanted to take,” recalls Abbie.

“The course gave me the knowledge, understanding and skills I needed to start me off on the path that would lead to my career.

“Without Trafford College I would never have had the confidence in myself to start my own business.

“The difference in my life since starting college is huge. My confidence has improved so much, I now believe I can do most things if I put my mind to it.”

Following the completion of her course, Abbie launched her own gluten free bakery called Bumblebee Bakery which continues to go from strength to strength.

Abbie added: “Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m very happy and proud to say that I have made my start, and it’s onwards and upwards each day. My future prospects have gone from wanting my own business, to wanting to expand the business. Expansion is a fair bit away, but that’s my new aim. Ultimately I want my business to be a success and for everyone to know about my cakes.

“I highly recommend Trafford College to anyone who has an interest in learning about catering.”

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