How to Apply

Get in, Go Far with an Apprenticeship.

Find our what you need to do to become an apprentice through Trafford College, what careers are available and which employers in your local area are offering them.

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Our dedicated Apprenticeship Team at Trafford College will help you search our current vacancies and support you on your journey to sourcing an Apprenticeship.

If you would like support to help you apply or to discuss your future as an apprentice contact our dedicated Apprenticeship team on 0161 886 7461 or email When we have received your application, if successful we will will submit your application to the employer.

Making the Right Choice

Where do you see yourself in five years? What do you want to become? What is your dream job? These are the burning questions that we will help you to figure out when applying for an Apprenticeship through Trafford College.

Take your time exploring the options we have available, using our online 'current vacancies' facility and don’t forget to get in touch with our dedicated apprenticeship team.

Apprenticeship Advice

For more information about Apprenticeships with Trafford College, and our vacancy matching service please contact us on 0161 886 7461 or email

Visit an Open Event

A Trafford College Open Event is the perfect opportunity for you to get a sense of what College life is like and to pick up a wide range of useful information on what an apprenticeship involves. An Open Event will cover all subjects and apprenticeships that we offer here at Trafford College whilst giving you the chance to explore our facilities as if you were already a fully-fledged college student.

Need another reason to attend our next open event? Check out our reasons to attend an open event and discover what our students say were their top reasons for attending.

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