WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence

Trafford College has been announced as the first College in Greater Manchester to partner with WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence!

What is it?

The Centre of Excellence, the first of its kind to be launched in the UK, will draw on WorldSkills UK’s unique insights into global skills systems and utilise NCFE’s expertise in curriculum development to mainstream excellence in skills development. WorldSkills UK hopes that more young people, from all backgrounds, will be inspired to take up apprenticeships and technical education as a prestige route to success.

Partnered with NCFE, a leading provider of educational services and a not for profit organisation. NCFE have a strong heritage in learning and have been at the forefront of technical and vocational education for over 170 years. They design, develop and certify diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards, which have contributed to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals.

With over 50 applications representing a quarter of Further Education colleges across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who applied to be part of the Centre of Excellence, Trafford College was chosen to be the first and only in Greater Manchester!

What does it mean?

"College is about skills, not just qualifications".

Trafford College will be coached and mentored to embed world-class practises and techniques in their teaching, learning and assessment practices.

The work will be led by WorldSkills UK High-Performance Skills Coaches, who are all experienced WorldSkills UK Training Managers. The report ‘Good People in a flawed system: the challenges of mainstreaming excellence in technical education’, concluded that through its network of Training Managers and access to international best practise, WorldSkills UK is uniquely positioned to inform UK skills systems. They will capture learnings from international competitions and use these to coach and mentor educators at Trafford College who will pass this knowledge on to their students, ensuring they perform to international high standards of excellence in their skills.

College principal and CEO, James Scott commented, “The Trafford College Group is thrilled to have been selected as the only WorldSkills Centre of Excellence in Greater Manchester.

“We are passionate about delivering excellence in our training and teaching programmes so that students can achieve their full potential. In partnership with WorldSkills UK and NCFE we will further enhance our teaching and curriculum innovation so that we can provide our learners with world-class skills and opportunities, delivered by elite performance coaches, so they can succeed in their chosen careers.”