Merger Consultation

Consultation on Merger

This page exists to inform you of a proposal to strengthen and improve education and training opportunities for students, employers and the communities of Stockport, Trafford and beyond.

Below you will find information on our Merger Proposal and the responses we received from the consultation process.

The Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College and The Trafford College Group have been working closely together over the last year and, at a strategic level, both colleges see their future together. To this end, the colleges’ Governing Bodies have agreed to conduct a consultation about a proposal to merge. Central to the proposal is the commitment that provision will continue at both colleges, each with its unique identity, as at present.

The proposal will not impact on our existing students’ day-to-day routines. They will continue to access the same courses at the same locations just as before, whilst benefiting potentially from access to a wider curriculum and enhanced progression opportunities. In addition, it will allow us to share, in due course, key services and functions across the two colleges which will make us more efficient and effective. This forward-thinking approach gives us the opportunity to secure the viability and future prosperity of each college for many years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Luccock

Chair of Corporation

The Trafford College Group